This Diwali, Let’s play safe with crackers: Better to avoid them completely

Diwali is a festival of lights and is celebrated in different parts of the country with great joy. Diwali is also associated with crackers and this has posed a major threat to health, life and environment over the years.

There is a history behind bursting of crackers during Diwali. This festival is celebrated during harvest season that is somewhere by October or November month. Earlier when human population has not invaded this vastly, animals from the wild would frequently attack fields and destroy crops.

Hence people started to burst crackers to keep this wild creatures at bay. They added colors and patterns to these crackers to make it more enjoyable while bursting them. The practice that began as a remedy for a certain problem has been followed blindly over centuries.

But these years crackers have been a major source of injury to kids and adults alike. Bursting crackers without adult supervision has led many kids into severe eye injury and loss of sight at times. Many a times its the adults who get affected by a cracker coming from no where and causing serious problems.

Hence several NGOs and civilians are trying to create awareness about celebrating a safe Diwali. Children are taught in schools to go for a clean and green Diwali. With all these efforts the number of casualties due to crackers have reduced over years. But this definitely has to come down to zero considering the facts that the number of patients every eye specialty hospital in the city is seeing tens of patients during Diwali. Lets hope this Diwali brings light into people’s lives rather than pushing them into darkness.

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