Bengaluru : RSS asked to distance itself from Lingayat’s agitation …

Bengaluru : RSS state chief Su. Ramanna’s statement on separate Lingayat religion has enraged Lingayat leaders, the statement has sparked a new controversy. Leaders who are in the forefront of agitation have warned RSS against its intervention in the movement.

New Delhi: File photo of RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat (C) during the RSS function. Khaki shorts, the trademark RSS dress for 91 years, is on its way out, making way for brown trousers, the significant makeover decision was taken here at an RSS conclave in Nagaur, Rajasthan on Sunday. PTI Photo (PTI3_13_2016_000268B)

During an annual Vijayadashami event organised by the RSS, Su. Ramanna had criticised that few vested interests are behind the ongoing agitations demanding separate religion tag for the Lingayats.

Now, this statement has backfired with several prominent Lingayat leaders warning the RSS against meddling with the agitation. Mate Mahadevi urged the RSS to distance itself from the movement as Lingayats are nothing to do with Hindusim.

State mining minister Vinay Kulkarni also urged the RSS that any statement against the movement will not be tolerated. “Amit Shah himself is not a Hindu but a Jain. In such a scenario why RSS must intervene? RSS must try to adopt the values preached by Basavanna to strengthen the religion,” he said.

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