Bengaluru : They steal bikes to impress girlfriends …

Bengaluru :  The three persons arrested by Koramangala police have turned out to be merry makers, with stolen bikes.

The accused who are degree and diploma holders, but chose a life of crime to impress their girlfriends. They allegedly stole two-wheelers parked in front of houses and went on joyrides with their girlfriends.

They used to sell those bikes at throwaway prices after using them. Police have identified the accused as Imran Pasha, Sanjay and Nawaz Khan, from whom 14 bikes have been recovered.

The three were caught by the police during a random vehicle check. The accused had changed the registration numbers, which made the police suspicious.

Over the past few months, the police have come across several similar cases of youngsters stealing expensive motorcycles to impress women, and then selling them for dirt cheap rates.

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