Modi is a better actor than me: Fumes actor Prakash Rai

Prime minister Narendra Modi is a better actor than me said multilingual actor Prakash Rai. I am an actor myself and I can see a better actor in Modi, fumed Rai.

The police has not found a single culprit with regard to activist Gowri Lankesh’s murder. Several so called rightists had written nonsense on their social media handles against Gowri’s death and Prime Minister is following them.

What can be the worst scenario than this questioned actor Prakash Rai. He said that he will return all 4 awards given by the government. He also said Yogi Adityanath is also a far better actor than himself. The Prime Minister is not pressurizing on finding the murderers but is following those people who are active against her. This, said the actor worries me about the future course of the country.

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