Achche Din For Tomatoes: Tomato Equals Apple

The humble tomato has turned really sour with its all time high price this season. With rains failing in Tumkur region where they are grown at large, vendors are buying tomatoes in kilos rather than quintals. This one fruit mostly used as a vegetable in different cuisines is a must have in Indian kitchen. But now many household are deprived of Tomato all thanks to its soaring prices. A kilo of tomato was sold for Rs 70 last week and it has shot up to a whooping 100 rs this week.

Failure in crops has affected the supply in large extent. Neighboring states Maharashtra and Tamilnadu are also facing similar situations and hence the import has also hit hard. Tomatoes were available at 10 rupees for 2 kilos just 2months ago and hence people are a little shocked with the current prices.

With the current prices shooting upwards, there is no sign of any decrease in near future. Farmers who took a chance to grow tomatoes this season are grinning with joy. Market experts say the prices may raise to 110 to 130 in coming weeks.

People are skeptical if they should still continue enjoy these red-juicy vegetables that add a light tanginess to their delicacies or wait till the prices come down to normal.

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