Spider Man: Reasons for success. An Anology of Homecoming

Is Spider Man: Homecoming the biggest success of recent times? The open day numbers say so. With an estimated $257 million worldwide opening, this franchise has hit a bulls eye in capturing the movie business. This was certainly not the case with several other franchises like Transformers, Pirates of the Caribbean and Despicable Me. Looks like people are diverging from entering a movie theater in west part of the globe. But superhero movies have made a mark this summer with Guardians of Galaxy Vol 2 making a $857.7 million worldwide, Wonder Woman with $745.8 million worldwide and now the Sipderman:Homecoming.



Superhero movies have always been a success story. Spider man had already raised bar with an over enthusiastic fans. Potential viewers had to have a reason to care about this particular version of the character. Spider-Man meets John Hughes? That was something different. The first official trailer dropped months later and raked in 266 million views globally in its first week. Then came partnerships with the NBA, Amazon, YouTube, and a media campaign that dominated social platforms for weeks leading up to the film’s release.

Setting Spider-Man’s story in high school helped distinguish him from other Spiders, but it also did the same for the rest of the superheroes who have witnessed city scape after city scape crumble in recent years. In a landscape filled with sometimes very adult themes, “Homecoming’s” promotions suggested a guilt-free trip to the theater for families. But young men aren’t the only cheerleaders. The grand finale of the marketing process came on June 29 when reviews opened up allowing the studio to claim one of the best-reviewed superhero movies of all time.

These days, the release dates for big studio movies are set years in advance. This film’s sequel’s release date was announced more than half a year before “Homecoming” even hit theaters. But as the launch approached, this weekend looked like a solid pick. It’s been six weeks since “Wonder Woman” entered theaters, and even that movie’s lasting waves of enthusiasm have seemingly trailed off at least enough for another hero to enter the picture. That, combined with the aforementioned fatigue that grazed last weekend’s big release, “Despicable Me 3,” was the perfect set-up for “Homecoming” to score.

The factors that lead to a successful launch are many and at times personal. But Feige and Marvel’s track record is such that audiences can trust — another rare sentiment in Hollywood that applies to what will end up as one of the biggest box office hits of the summer.

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